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Best property management

We specialise in managing residential properties for owners who for one reason or another don’t want to or can’t manage properties themselves. Being property investors ourselves we understand property and the issues around cost, maintenance and risk to your investment.

 We care for your investment as we do for our own.  We will do everything we can to earn your trust and further your interests.  Please call us for a FREE no obligation consultation to discuss your requirements!



We believe in high professional standards.  This is why we were one of the first to obtain NZQA (Level 4) qualifications as property managers and are an executive member of the Independent Property Managers Association as well as a member of the Hawkes Bay Property Investors Association.



We believe in high ethical standards.  By matching good people to good homes and giving professional advice to owners as well as tenants we create positive results for all parties.


Cost effective

Being a small business with plenty of experience means expert service for extremely competitive conditions.  Our commission is 7.6% plus GST.  Advertising a property incl. photography is $99.00 incl GST.


  • Simla Terrace
    since 2008

    We have been clients of The Good Home Property Management Ltd since 2006 and would Highly recommend their services to anyone who seeks excellence in property management.  … engaged trustworthy and skilled trades people to effect repairs and maintenance in a proactive and timely fashion. Since moving the property in the hands of Birgit and Wolfgang we have been impressed by their work ethic, professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge of the local property market. They do this at a reasonable cost, with minimum fuss and maximum care.

  • Ellison Rd
    since 2013

    … thank you very much indeed for all the good service and work you have provided to us throughout these past years.

Why Good Home?

NO CHARGE for the initial consultation and rent assessment

We would like to introduce ourselves and our services and answer any questions you may have.  This is best done on site if this is practical so we can give you a rent appraisal and we get to know the property.  There is no charge and no obligation.

NO CHARGE for property inspections

Property inspections are a standard part of our service and will not be charged extra.

NO COMMISSION on repairs organised by us

We will discuss how to deal with repairs with you.  You may have some trades people you wish to use or we can offer the services of our large pool of experienced trades people.  Most of them have worked with us for years and are well tested and familiar with our requirements.  Organising these repairs is part of our service.

(We believe earning commission on repairs could be seen as a conflict of interest as the higher the repair bill, the more we would earn.)

NO COMMISSION on rates or insurance paid by us (if requested)

Paying your rates or insurance from rent collected will also not incur commission charges – it is part of our service.

NO administration fee

There is no administration fee.  We like to keep things simple.

NO monthly account fee

There is no monthly account fee.  We like to keep things simple.

As a matter of fact there is quite a range of fees some companies charge and we encourage you to carefully compare what others charge!

NO CHARGE for attending tenancy tribunal (if ever required)

In the unlikely event we have to take a tenant to tenancy tribunal, you do not pay anything extra for our time spent dealing with that.  Unfortunately this can happen and can take a lot of time and energy and we will not hesitate to do that where required.  We have the knowledge and experience to deal with such matters successfully.

Samples of our Portfolio

  • WTRandSH
  • Maxims Accounting
  • IPMA
  • Hawkes Bay Property Investors

These businesses are an invaluable part of our team and we can highly recommend their services.