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Keeping warm and healthy

We do all we can to provide our tenants with a healthy and warm home.  We encourage all our clients to install efficient heating and insulate properties to a very good standard well before the 2019 deadline.  Most our properties are fully insulated and have a wood burner,  a heat pump or an infrared heater (Infracomfort brand).  However it also takes some skill, knowledge and practical measures by a tenant to ensure they keep warm and healthy.  We found this brochure sensible and helpful.  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE BROCHURE.

Wood burner – How to get the most out of it

How you use your wood burner may determine how effectively it works – and if you actually damage it or not.  Find information here, too if you have a new wood burner and use it for the first time.  Please click here to find out more.