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I found we get a lot of information on property all the time, but often it felt as if property news was ever only about Auckland Wellington and Christchurch.
We were keen to get information together that affects the Hawke’s Bay market and I have now tried to collate what I could find.
This is data directly related to property as well as economic information that I think is significant. I welcome comments and information that could be of interest to anyone investing in residential property in Hawke’s Bay. This will sometimes just be the figures I took from an article, sometimes the whole article. Often it will be information from Hawke’s Bay, sometimes national information relevant to Hawke’s Bay. I will leave the interpretation to you.

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Rental demand in Hawkes Bay

Over the past 12 months we have experienced increasing and unprecedented demand from tenants for rental properties in all categories. This morning’s paper hints again at one of the causes:

“Migration still climbs

New Zealand saw another record net gain in migrants of 65,900 in the year to January,driven by increased arrivals from asia and Australia. The annual gain in migrants has set records for the past 18 months. Arrivals rose 10 per cent to 123,000 in the January 2015 year, while departures fell by 1 per cent to 57,100.” (Source: HB Today 26-02-2016)

We are actively looking for rental properties to manage!