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Hawkes Bay Property Investment Market

Would we not all love to have the crystal ball?

We do get asked a lot by out of town investors on our knowledge and opinion of the Hawkes Bay urban property market. So here it is: Over the past two weeks there have been plenty of articles in the local paper (HB Today) on facts that impact any residential property investor’s future. Let me just list the points. Read more!


We have recently had a fire at one of the properties we manage. A very frightening and costly experience. It is important for tenants to know, that insurances will examine if the fire has been caused by the tenant. We have just recently installed appr. 160 new 10 year life thermoptec smoke alarms to ensure all properties we manage have the best smoke alarms available to us. This is why! We were always shocked by the number (up to 50%) of smoke alarms we found with an empty or no battery or the smoke alarm removed, when we inspected properties. – Please watch the video – you can hear the smoke alarm! – No one got injured. ┬áRESPECT FIRE SAFETY!