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How to apply for a rental home successfully

You may have noticed that it has become a lot more difficult to find rental properties in Hawkes Bay. When we advertise a property, we get at least five times the enquiries we used to get 18 months ago. Here are some tips to increase your chances of being the successful applicant:

1) ENQUIRE text or email INFORMATION: (Complete information saves yourself and us time!)
– Your Name
– How many people is this for?
– What pets if any do you have? State NO pets if applicable!
– Your cell phone number
– what days/times would be best for you to view (if you are restricted)
– know who will move in and state that on the application.

– When you come to the viewing: BE ORGANISED:
– You must have photo ID (Drivers license is best
– have last two addresses and phone numbers of past landlords available
– Come with all adults that are applying or going to live at the property

Top Tips to miss out:
Not having photo ID
Not having previous landlord phone numbers OR other references
Not remembering previous addresses
“Just having lost the wallet”
Coming by car but having no drivers license on you

We wish everyone good luck finding a home. Sometimes a home we have available may not be suitable for you and we hate to waste your time inviting you to a viewing, if our instructions by the property owner are clear as to for example how many people they will allow or if they allow pets.
We are trying our best to serve the owners we work for AND our tenants.

Keeping warm and healthy

We do all we can to provide our tenants with a healthy and warm home.  We encourage all our clients to install efficient heating and insulate properties to a very good standard well before the 2019 deadline.  Most our properties are fully insulated and have a wood burner,  a heat pump or an infrared heater (Infracomfort brand).  However it also takes some skill, knowledge and practical measures by a tenant to ensure they keep warm and healthy.  We found this brochure sensible and helpful.  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE BROCHURE.

Mould and Mildew – helpful hints

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As we are getting closer to winter, mould and mildew can be a problem – if the property is not handled properly or if it is defective.  It is not always the landlord’s fault or responsibility as airing and heating a property is also a huge factor. Don’t wait until it gets worse!   Please find helpful information here.

Wood burner – How to get the most out of it

How you use your wood burner may determine how effectively it works – and if you actually damage it or not.  Find information here, too if you have a new wood burner and use it for the first time.  Please click here to find out more.

Carpet Stains

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We all know what it is like – accidents can happen.

If you have an accident with your carpet, we recommend that you call us and ask for advice.

Usually the worst thing you can do is to just try “something” to remove stains.

Our experts from ENVIRO clean and restore know exactly the best way to get a stain out and usually this is cheaper and less hassle than having to deal with a claim to fix the carpet later. The golden rules are:

1) Tell us what caused the stain as this determines the best remedy to get it removed.
2) Call us or CARPET TECH Phone: 021-0418982  06-8444320) for advice – We don’t bite!
3) Don’t give your children cordials with food colouring – you’ll NEVER get it out!
4) Pet accidents: have a spot clean done as soon as possible, if it gets in the underlay or timber floor it gets VERY costly to remove odours.


Pets – Conditions

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The question if we can allow a cat or a dog at a certain property depends on what instructions we have received from the owner who has given us the property to manage. It also depends on factors like if the property is fenced etc. i.e., if we believe it is suitable for the particular animal in question. We will always only allow a dog or a cat, if our tenant is happy to commit to the following condition in writing (example):

“The landlord will allow the tenant to keep one cat under the condition that the tenant agrees to make good any damage or deterioration whatsoever caused by the animal.  This exception may also be cancelled at any time, if any such damage occurs or if complaints are received that the animal is a nuisance to others or not kept and controlled in an appropriate way. This permission is also only granted on the condition that the tenant agrees to have the carpets professionally cleaned by CARPET TECH Phone: 021-0418982  06-8444320) upon vacating the property as there may be health and safety issues arising out of having the dog on the property. (allergies of future tenants)

The reason is as explained above that the next tenant may have an allergy.  Also, we insist on carpets cleaned by ENVIRO as we know they are cost effective and do a good job.  Not all carpet cleaning companies are created equal and a rug doctor will certainly not suffice. To have a pet is s privilege, not a right by nature.  We don’t mind pets at all, but we the owner of the property does not want to pay for any consequences and the next tenant can expect a clean and healthy home to move into.