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Why Good Home? - Good Home Works.

When we started investing ourselves, we needed a name for our investment business and decided to call it: THE GOOD HOME LTD. The idea was: If we provide a good home we will find good tenants, which will be good for us. As we enjoyed managing our own properties and had success doing it, we also started to manage other properties for friends.

Over ten years later we manage around 160 rental properties for investors from near and far and still enjoy being involved in helping our clients to meet their investment aims to the best of our abilty.

About us

I, Wolfgang (born 1952) trained in Germany as a registered nurse, leaving an assistant charge nurse position to immigrate to New Zealand in 1982. After working as a charge nurse at the Otara Spinal Unit, I decided to start my own business, trained as an electrical service technician and founded Dial A Washer Ltd, an Auckland based white ware company. My wife Birgit (also born 1952) came from a banking background and office administration role in Germany and immigrated to New Zealand in 1996 to live with me and join the business. (We first met when we were age 17).

We are both used to working with people from every possible background and have a wide range of technical and financial knowledge.

In 2003 we left Auckland to move to Hawkes Bay and started to invest in property. We enjoyed our journey in property investment and started to look after other people’s properties which quickly grew into “The Good Home Property Management Ltd.”

  • We treat your house like we would our own investment
  • We have a comprehensive tenant selection process – from first personal meeting to completing the application form, photo ID check, reference checks, alternative contacts, credit check with several data bases. Digital photo of tenant is taken for future reference.
  • During inspections we check how the property is being looked after as well as for any maintenance work required.
  • Digital photos are taken for advertising and for inspection reports.
  • After an inspection is completed a report (with photos if applicable) is emailed to the owner.
  • Rent payments are monitored on a daily basis and contact made and action taken as appropriate in any given situation, as soon as a problem is known.
  • Four weeks Bond are collected and lodged with the bond centre of Tenancy Services.
  • We do not charge tenants or owners a letting fee.

  • 97%
    Fully rented property
    Careful planning of mainly fixed term tenancies and prompt re-advertising when we receive notice as well as some additional contacts we have result in very low down times. Of course this is an average and will vary depending on the circumstances. We are proud of our track record.
  • 3%
    Again, of course this varies, but in average over a year we have a vacancy rate of about 3%. We usually manage to re-let a property within the three weeks notice we may receive from a tenant. Of course this also depends on market fluctuations and trying to meet rent expectations of owners.
  • 2.5%
    low rent arrears
    In average 97.5 % of our tenants are fully up to date with rent payments. Of course arrears do happen and we chase them up very quickly. From a text message reminder to a phone call, 14 day notice or home visit a planned escalation of measures to rectify such arrears is being used.
  • 100%
    FREE inspections
    To keep your property performing well and to ensure regular contact with the tenants we inspect one month after a new tenancy starts, then every three months. A written report will be issued each time.

We care for your investment as we do for our own.  We will do everything we can to earn your trust and further your interests.  Please call us for a FREE no obligation consultation to discuss your requirements!


We like to give personal service at minimal cost. We like to keep things simple and effective.


We believe in high ethical standards.  By matching good people to good homes and giving professional advice to owners as well as tenants we create positive results for all parties.

Cost effective

Our charges are a commission of 7.6% plus GST and a $99.00 charge for advertising a property for rent including photography.

Just like we need a good, reliable and proven team of trades people around us to manage properties effectively, we can also highly recommend.

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Knowledge Base

We have started to collect information in our "Knowledge Base" and will continue to upgrade this site and add to it. Here you can find more information relevant to landlording in New Zealand. Feel free to email us, if you would like to see information on a subject or would like to comment.