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Swimming Pools


Swimming Pools

During recent round of inspections we came across a number of properties where tenants have put up an inflatable pool.  As a landlord we have a responsibility to act if a tenant elects to put up a pool in the garden that is not compliant with a variety of rules and regulations. No one wants an accident and no one wants to take responsibility for someone else’s actions.

Under the RTA (Residential Tenancies Act) the tenant is responsible for his and his visitors’ actions.  Any inflatable pool with a water level higher than 400 mm of water is non-compliant.  It is therefore necessary for landlords to be aware of the regulations and issue a 14 day notice to tenants if their pool does not comply.  With that notice we attach advice about rules and where to get more information.  You will find all the rules on both coucil’s websites:



Here the basic rules (not all of them) to demonstrate that pool fencing is serious business:  Any pool with water level above 400 mm needs to be fenced. (THAT IS MOST OF THEM!)

A self supporting pool with sides of at least 1200mm and no fixed ladder does not need further fencing.  (NOTE THAT THE LADDER HAS TO BE TAKEN WAY IF UNATTENDED – WHO WOULD DO THAT???)

Immediate pool area should not contain:

– washing line

– play area and equipment unrelated to swimmming pool

– garage, carport or vehicle access

– vegetable garden

– the whole backyard

Hinged doors giving access to pool area:

– closes and latches automatically

– latch/handle minimum 1.5 meters from bottom of door

– no devices to enable door to be held open

Sliding / bifold doors giving access to pool area:

– latch or locking bolt, at minimum of 1.5 m off the floor

Windows giving access to pool area closer than 1.2 m from floor

– should be fitted with a limiter to prevent them opening more than 100mm


– 1.2 m higfh from outside ground level or any permanent projection within 1.2 m

– 900mm minimum between horizontal rails

– gaps under fence less than 100mm

– mesh size no more than 10 mm – fence at least 1.2 m high

– mesh size no more than 50 mm – fence must be at least 1.8 m high

– picket fence gaps no wier than 100mm

– no climb points on outside of fence e.g. seating etc

– any permanent structures on the outside of the fence that could be used for climbing must be at least 1.2 m from the fence


– Latch on outside of gate to be 1.5 m high

– latch on pool side of gate to be 1.2 m high

– gate to open away from the pool

– self closing and self latching

– if latch is on inside of fence it should only be accessible by reaching over the top of the fence. On gates of open construction a latch shield may be required

Spa pools must have a complying fence or if they have self locking lids require a special exemption from Council.

(Information to the best of our knowledge – please contact us, if you wish to comment)


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