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Carpet Stains

by Wolfgang in Tenants Comments: 0 tags: Carpet, cleaning, stain, tenant


We all know what it is like – accidents can happen.

If you have an accident with your carpet, we recommend that you call us and ask for advice.

Usually the worst thing you can do is to just try “something” to remove stains.

Our experts from ENVIRO clean and restore know exactly the best way to get a stain out and usually this is cheaper and less hassle than having to deal with a claim to fix the carpet later. The golden rules are:

1) Tell us what caused the stain as this determines the best remedy to get it removed.
2) Call us or CARPET TECH Phone: 021-0418982  06-8444320) for advice – We don’t bite!
3) Don’t give your children cordials with food colouring – you’ll NEVER get it out!
4) Pet accidents: have a spot clean done as soon as possible, if it gets in the underlay or timber floor it gets VERY costly to remove odours.