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Why Good Home? - Good Home Works.

We strongly believe in fairness and that as good property managers we will match good tenants to good properties appropriate to their needs. We believe that maintaining a property is important for both tenant and owner and we encourage tenants to let us know immediately if they notice any maintenance issues. We will then endeavour to get things sorted as soon as possible.

We have equally high expectations of our clients to allow the property to be well maintained as we have high expectations of our tenants to look after the home they are living in. We are a member of the Independent Property Managers Association and encourage our tenants to seek independent advice from Tenancy Services (0800TENANCY) if they are in doubt about any issue they may encounter. We will also always give the best advice we can and encourage our tenants to let us know of any problems as early as possible, so we can work on a resolution together. Communication is the key to working together well.

Our vacancies are listed on Trade Me, there is a direct link at the bottom.


  • Judy

    I have been renting through The Good Home Property Management company for some time now. My experience of dealing with them has been very pleasant. I have found both Woolfgang and Birgit approachable, available and very quick to attend to any maintenance issues I have had. Therefore, I would recommend them to both Landlords and Tennant’s. I am a very happy Tennant.

  • Alina, 19-03-2015

    As newly arrived in the Hawkes Bay area, we had the pleasure to rent a house managed by the Good Home Property Management. I must say that me and my husband are very pleased with the service Wolfgang and Birgit provided, they were always very helpful and quick to respond to our questions and needs. If ever in need again, we would definitely look for a place managed by The Good Home Property Management.

  • Matthew

    Wolfgang and Birgit helped make our move from the United States to Napier hassle free. We were able to submit a rental application from overseas and obtain a lease on a beautiful rental house prior to arriving. The house was furnished and they arranged for us to come straight from the airport and move right in. Throughout our stay, they were very friendly, accommodating, and professional. We made a few calls for minor repairs and they were taken care of very expediently. I highly recommend The Good Home Property Management to any prospective tenants seeking a rental property. You will be in good hands! Thanks Wolfgang and Birgit! (07-03-2015)

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